DVD: Villa Trapp – The True Story


DVD film: A lovely documentation about the Villa Trapp and the Trapp family. It is the last interview Maria von Trapp gave in public.

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Get to know the home of the Trapp family and the Villa Trapp in Salzburg Aigen. Christopher Unterkofler guides you through the Villa Trapp in a charming and informative way. Maria tells where the family lived life and sang. See the foyer with the stairs, the banister on which the children slid down, as well as the extensive park and the salon, where the family made music and laughed.

Find out more about Villa Trapp, its location, its history. The house is inseparable from the world’s most famous choir.

A special feature of this DVD is the visit of Maria von Trapp in Salzburg. After more than 70 years from America, she visits her old home. Listen to their stories about their childhood, their siblings and how the family lived in the villa.

  • Medium: DVD
  • Language: English
  • Genre: documentation
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Weight 72 g