Edelweiss Silver Pendant


Silver-plated pendant in the form of an Edelweiss with stylized notes as petals. Each musical note or petal stands for a child of the Trapp family. Fine jewellery design based on an artist’s template. 

  • Exklusive jewelry design according to an artist’s template.
  • Delivered in a matching jewelry box.
  • This Pendant in silver is often used as a decoration for Christmas trees.
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“Edelweiss, Edelweiss. Every morning you greet me.”

Wear a piece of Sound of Music close to your heart!

The Villa Trapp is the true home of the Trapp family in Salzburg. It became world famous as a family choir and through the musical “The Sound of Music”. The probably most famous song from the musical is “Edelweiss”.

The edelweiss is the flower of the Alps. It stands for courage, bravery and love, endurance and the will to survive. The plant with the velvety petals grows on steep, inaccessible rocky slopes and unfolds its beauty despite the barrenness of the high mountains. When a young man risks his life and climbs these cliffs to pick an edelweiss for his beloved, it is a symbol of his love that defies all adversity.

The time in which the family lived in the Villa Trapp is the story of love, cohesion, resistance to the outside world and an unbroken will to survive.

This piece of jewelry was artistically designed and is only available here. The special thing about this pendant are the flowers of the edelweiss, which are formed from stylized notes. The edelweiss pendant comes in a matching box with magnetic clasp.

  • Size 4 × 4 cm

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Dimensions 4 × 4 cm